Our Team

Mr.S.Kannaiah.Ex-BHEL(Head - Services): Mr.Kannaiah is a Mechanical Engineer by profession and he is in the field Power Erection & Commissioning overhauls and troubleshooting on steam & gas Turbines from 1 MW to 500 MW capacities for over 40 years . Mr.Kannaiah has vast experience in the field of Turbine governing system overhauling and troubleshooting. He looks after site E&C and overhauling activities and overall execution of the works and also looks after quality control and Preventive maintenance schedules.

Mr. K.Madhusudhana Reddy (Head- O&M Services):

Mr. Madhusudhana Reddy is a Sr.Engineer by profession has got more than 18 years of experience in power plant Operations & Maintenance, Erection & Commissioning and Overhauls. Mr. Reddy Looks after site relating activities and is responsible for the overall execution of the project and also looks after all the financial activities relating to the Project.

Mr. B.Panduranganath (O&M Sr. Manager):
Mr. Panduranganath is a Mechanical Engineer with 13 years of experience in Power plant Operation and Maintenance. Mr.Panduranganath looks after total Operation and Maintenance activities of all our O&M Projects

Mr. N.Ayyap Reddy
Mr.Ayyap Reddy has got more than 20 years of experience in Power plant E&C, O&M. Mr. eddy is involved in co-ordination, planning and estimation.